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Dedicated to protecting your money, returning more unclaimed property, and educating our youth about money management.

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Meet Josh

On June 23, Josh Haeder was selected to be the Republican Candidate for State Treasurer. Josh is a small business owner, and former Senate staffer for U.S. Senator Mike Rounds. He also has experience in the financial industry having worked for a national credit counseling service.

Josh is an energetic, passionate public servant who will bring bold, conservative leadership to the State Treasurer's office.

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My Plan

I want to look after your tax dollars and chase down every nickel and make sure the accounts balance. Invest conservatively. I’m frugal, I pinch pennies….South Dakota is in good financial shape and I’ll keep it that way. Too many of our young people don’t have financial literacy. I have the background and the experience to keep your money safe.

 The State Treasurer plays an essential role ensuring the solid track record of responsible stewardship of our state’s assets. You can rest assured that as your next State Treasurer, I am committed to continuing the legacy of success through conservative and responsible financial management that puts people first. 

My Priorities



Cyber Security

I think it’s important to remember that cyber threats don’t just exist on an individual level or to businesses. Our state accounts are at risk. We need to make sure we’re working hard to protect those accounts to enhance relationships with our financial institutions and partnerships with other government agencies and the private sector.



unclaimed property

The Treasurer's office has been doing a good job of returning unclaimed property - money owed to people from uncashed checks or closed bank accounts - to the people to whom it belongs. What I want to do is utilize social media and further expand the State Treasurer’s reach into that social platform to help us get that money off of the government books and back right where it belongs in your hands.



Financial wellness

Financial education is one of the roles of the State Treasurer’s office. The office provides the opportunity for those who need it, financial wellness education. I have a background as the chief operating officer for national credit counseling agency. I think it’s important that we provide tools, to those who are searching for them, to help them better understand what it means to properly manage your money. 

June 2018

Josh's experience is extensive and his understanding of the citizens of South Dakota runs deep. Josh has the energy, the  commitment, and the work ethic to win in the Fall.  South Dakota will be a better place with Josh Haeder as our next State Treasurer.

-- Jason Williams


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Volunteer opportunities

Running for office is not a job you can do alone. The enthusiasm for Josh and his candidacy have been so encouraging. Learn more about ways you can help Josh.


June 2018

Josh possess three characteristics that are characteristics of a true leader. First, competency. Second, commitment and third, the heart of a leader.

-- Jeff Marlette