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Financial Wellness


South Dakotan's are not immune to these problems, especially our young people who are heading to college and those getting ready to graduate. There are some simple fixes that can help people get started down the right path, which will allow them to keep their money and contribute more to our economy. It starts with making "saving" the top priority and putting funds aside for emergencies and future purchases. Sure, a credit card is a convenient way to cover the costs of an emergency expense, but what happens if you only make the minimum payment back? How much does that emergency end up costing you? Wise use of credit is also an important component of financial wellness. 

I'd like to see this office focus on partnering with high school's, colleges and those in the financial industry to create a strong curriculum we can teach to our young people. This means having more than just a link on a website for people to follow, we need to find ways to get people interested in financial wellness and empower them to get started down the right path. If we can do this, we will be changing lives for the better and making South Dakota even stronger. My experiences both in credit counseling and through tough lessons learned in my own life will help in creating a truly outstanding program.